Form Processing has never been easier!

About Us has been providing advanced form processing over the world wide web since 1999. This web application provides a simple yet extremely powerful tool for managing HTML form interaction and processing on the World Wide Web.

With you may automatically utilize an advanced degree of form processing for any of your web forms with only a few additional lines of HTML

  • Immediately process any of your web-site form submissions with no additional programing
  • Enable your web-site forms with field validation
  • Automatically receive WYSIWYG form submissions
  • Automatically display a formatted confirmation page
  • Send and recieve multiple email notifications of form entry
  • Automatically display a formatted confirmation page
  • Process forms using SSL encryption
  • Store form output to delimited TEXT files or the Original WYSIWYG HTML format

We have just updated our web-site and made functionality enhancements to our form processing engine. Please email us if you experience any problems or would just like to give us feed back on the new site.

Our Services

We offer the industry strength form processing services.

Let us create your forms for you! Our staff of user interface professionals and web-designers can make an optimized and attractive web form for any of your form or data collection needs. Starting from as little as a "napkin sketch" we can create a form or template forms that will match your business needs and blend with your company's graphical design motif. If you have a series of complicated forms or a business workflow that requires web automation, let our consulting team evaluate your business process and create a software solution just for you. Please contact us for more information.

Why create a form from scratch? We have a variety of industry specific form templates in our form archive. For Reprographic Forms, Freight Bills, Medical, Police, Fire, Real Estate forms and more, be sure to contact us for more information.

Need more form processing horse power? We can host your web-form or application on one of our high speed servers. This can provide you with database access, expanded email and reporting options, etc. that you may not have on your current hosting solution. Additionally hosted forms can be maintained and upgraded as the processing engine is improved. Please contact us for more information.

Form Samples

The following form samples will send a notification email to the address you specify in the form. Additionally depending on the example, the notification email will refer to form output files located on the ActionForms web-site. These resources are placed in the password protected samples user directory. To access this directory from the notification email use the following login information:

username: sample
password: sample

Form 1

This form demonstrates the simplest of form processing. The example will capture form values and test for required fields. If the form is not filled in completely, a message will be displayed and link to re-edit the form will be provided.

When the form is finally processed, the form entries will be logged to a delimited text file stored in the user's data directory. Additionally, an email will be sent to the email address entered on the form with the form field values URL address of the textlog file.

Form 2

This form is exactly like the Form1 except uses advanced HTML parsing to provide the following. If the form is not filled in completely, a message will be displayed along with HTML form itself. The later will include the fields already filled completed. When the form is completed, a copy of the form with the entered values is created and put in the user's data directory. All form control fields are removed leaving the resulting.asp file suitable for viewing or printing. Additionally, an email will be sent to the email address entered on the form with the URL address of the results HTML file.

Form 3

This form demonstrates the advanced.asp parsing described above. Additionally, complex for field types such as Selection Lists, Radio Buttons and Check Boxes are excercised. And most importantly, this form demonstrates the file upload feature of the ActionForms program.

Form 4

This form is exactly like form 3, execpt it demonstrates how Actionforms can use the original form page to create a confirmation page upon form submission. The generated confirmation page is complete information on form submission, file upload information and a print confirmation page function.

Form 5

Another form exactly like form 3 and 4, except it demonstrates how you may customize your own confirmation page with the data entered from the original form including a special tag for file upload information.